Friday, June 23, 2006

It's a dry bleat

The heat is on in the Bay Area and I hate it. Forget any idea we might have had about moving to Davis, where housing is cheaper but it's 100 like this all summer. I hate air-conditioning, too. For a few years I lived in Florida and hated that, too. It was a wet heat, a wet heat that came with bugs, snakes and gators, and it's much worse than our dry heat, as folk wisdom confirms.
But here's what's wrong with a dry heat, at least in the Bay Area. Unlike other dry heat places in America, like Phoenix, we don't have universal, car-to-home-to-mall airco. And unlike places like Phoenix, or Florida, the populace in the San Francisco area is never prepared for heat. Folks here don't even know enough to get in the shade. When the temperature hits the upper 90s they mutter about global warming and oil companies but continue to drive around in their convertibles.
Then, a day into the heat wave, the wildfires start and everybody acts as if there's something unnatural about them. When the smoke rises, the first question always is "Who started it?" Somehow no one ever understands that fire is part of the ecology, and the kid with the bottle rocket is too. Fires are nature's way of ridding itself of the brush that grew in the rainy season and the McMansions that grew in the money season.
Say this for the Bay Area, though. Unlike Phoenix and Florida, people are meant to live here. There's water, unlike Phoenix, but not so much that it makes the place a swamp, unlike Florida. It's just that the water only comes half the year. The other half is divided into days of heaven and days like this, days that make you cranky. And I'm Cranky.


Anonymous shiek said...

I liked that. A very good read

3:03 PM  
Blogger Dagny said...

I understand the cranky feeling. I too am not a huge fan of AC. Then again, nature's AC did roll in on Friday evening. I had the good fortune of driving along Skyline and Great Highway during that time. I just wish that folks would learn to turn on their lights when driving in heavy fog.

9:53 AM  
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