Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happiness, pursued and caught

Maybe we should celebrate independence every day, and not just for the fireworks and barbecues. This is the day we liberals, radicals, progressives and moderates (traitors, as the unlikeable likes of Ann Coulter would define us) wear the red, white and blue. We take the flag back. For one day, at least, it doesn't belong to the supporters of a mean and mad monarch.
I'm wearing my red-white-and-blue striped T-shirt that comes out of the drawer once a year, matched this year with white jeans, blue belt and red ball cap. I look like some kind of superpatriotic mime, but hell it's only once year. Still, maybe we should lay claim to the flag for the whole year, every year.
In the early '60s, the reactionaries had the Confederate flag, which they displayed when Civil Rights marchers showed up with the Stars and Stripes. Somehow, later on in the '60s, the reactionaries took our flag and defaced it with the slogan, "America, love it or leave it." The Tories probably had a slogan like that to go with the British flag in the 1770s.
Abbie Hoffman fought back with his American flag shirt and Peter Fonda rode easy with his American flag helmet and leathers. That was the right idea then (even if all that colorful acid wasn't) and years later a whole lot of liberals and I are eating hot dogs and watching fireworks in our patriotic colors.
Once again, we hold as self-evident the truth that it's our country too. Love it and stay.
Good dog!


Anonymous shiek3 said...

Hey Crank....It sounds like you are over 45 and starting to mellow a bit. Don't get carried away. Hah Hah. But you redeem yourself quite well in the last paragraph

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Bob Jr. said...

I 'took back the flag' and made up this electric guitar (see webpage) for July 4th gigs. This year's, appropriately, was at an AmLegion Hall. They liked it!

2:27 PM  
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